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How to Clean the Dirtiest Items in Your Home

Quarantined and feeling the need to clean?  Right now is an excellent time to gather up those cleaning supplies and hit up some of the dirtiest items in the home.  Enlist the help of your family and make it a team effort!

Supplies:  anti-bacterial cleaners, gloves, cleaning cloth and mask, bleach based products

Of course, one of the dirtiest objects in anyone’s home is the toilet. But, that’s not the only place where dirt and germs accumulate. Here are five other dirty places and suggestions for cleaning them.


  1. Bath Towels – When you and your family dry off from your shower, your bath towel absorbs the water from your body. Then it sits all day breeding bacteria that thrive in warm, moist areas. Combat this issue by changing your bath towels out every two days and washing your dirty towels in hot water to kill anything living on them.
  2. Shower Curtain – Shower curtains easily pick up bacteria the same way bath towels do. They also attract germs from the toilet if they are near each other. Clean your shower curtain by spraying it down with a bleach-based product. Spray the rings and rod, too. Also, when the shower curtain is beyond cleaning, replace it.
  3. Doorknobs – Entryway and bathroom doorknobs are exposed to myriad germs daily. Thankfully, doorknobs are easy to clean. Wipe them down with antibacterial wipes regularly.
  4. Window/Door Tracks – Window and door tracks are harbingers of dust and dirt. The grime that builds up can make you and your family ill. You can easily clean these areas by vacuuming out large pieces of debris and then spraying the stuck-on dirt with water, letting it loosen up and wiping it with a damp cloth.
  5. Toothbrush Holders – Your toothbrush holder is likely teeming with germs and bacteria. Wash it with hot soapy water twice a week. If you can, run it through the dishwasher to ensure it gets clean and sterilized.


Cleaning isn’t always our favorite thing to do but we know it must be done.  Weekly maintenance helps reduce the build-up and overwhelming task of keeping our homes clean.

Remember to use rubber gloves to protect your hands from harsh cleaning chemicals and ventilate rooms from the odors of cleaning products.

Keep it clean!  Stay healthy!



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